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Here are some of the photos from our 40th Reunion June 3 - 5, 2011. These and many more pictures (from the Reunion and otherwise) are available on our Facebook page.

Send your pictures (or links to them) to submit@swarthmore71.org and/or post them on our Facebook page.

Click on a thumbnail below to view a large-size version.

If you can identify the people in these pictures, especially the "headshots" at the bottom of the page, let us know and we'll add the name with the picture. Send the information to submit@swarthmore71.org. Be sure to include the picture name. We've put in most of the names that were already sent, so also let us know if you think we have any of the names wrong.

Photos below by Dan Wasserman

? & Kathy Felmey

Gail Foster Newbold &
Denis Newbold

Maury Martin, Francesca Kress, John Mayberry, & ... ?

From Doc Watson concert
(Watson in the center)

From Doc Watson concert
(Watson in the center)

Photos below by Nancy Shoemaker

John Baer's (?) back &
Bernard Greene


Ben Liu & Dave Kerr
& ? & ?

David Wright '69,
David Inouye & Jinx Kuehn


And the "Rogues Gallery" below with photos by Bill Kennedy '70

Mark Dean '69

Bob Cushman

Ken Meter

Bernard Greene

Bob Abrahams

Dick Hegner


Sue Morrison


Nancy Shoemaker



Jean Gaylord


Lynn West Salvo

Jim Colvin

Connie Fleming Strickland

Tom Bates

Ben Liu

Debbie Zubow

Maury Martin

John Mayberry


Elisha (Skip) Atkins

Jean Gaylord

Dave Kerr (center) & Paul Peelle '69

Jo Booser

Kathy Felmey

John Baer

Philip Davies

George Reed


David Inouye

Joe Kelly

Denis Newbold


Tina Tolins

Jim Clymer

Jinx Kuehn