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Class of 1971 events for 2011 Alumni Weekend
Guests are welcome.

Locations listed below are subject to change due to weather or whatever.

(See the Swarthmore website for more on the overall Alumni Weekend schedule.)

Friday, June 3rd

8:00 p.m.
to close
An informal gathering of classmates and their guests.
• Bring whatever you wish; basic snacks and drinks provided.
• Outside Dana and/or Dana lounges.

Saturday, June 4th

8:15 a.m. What are we doing about food?
• A local-foods movement is building across the U.S. How is this food movement shaped by, and how does it impact, the class of '71? What concerns do we have about food quality, the impact of diet on our health and safety, and the dependence of our food system on fossil fuels? What can we do about our food?
• Ken Meter (Crossroads Resource Center crcworks.org), with Rick Beatty and Bob Cushman
• At breakfast in Sharples, possibly a section of the West Room

2:00 p.m. Class of '71 gathering: Repotting Ourselves for the Next Trimester
• As we enter the final trimester of our lives, what opportunities, challenges and needs do we see? Work to do, ageing and health issues, financial security, family and friends, love and happiness — there is much to share and consider.
• Discussion facilitated by Jim Colvin.
• Science Center, Cornell Room 104

3:15 p.m. Coping with Mental Illnesses
• Come discuss with others the impact of severe mental illnesses on individuals and on family caregivers, and ponder the best ways to cope.
• Susan Inman '71 (author, After Her Brain Broke, Helping My Daughter Recover Her Sanity) with Yolanda Rodriguez '86 and Dr. David Ramirez (Director of Psychological Services)
• Science Center, Cornell Room 104 or Room 105
— or —
3:15 p.m. Working with Nonprofits
• Some of us have devoted our careers to nonprofits while others are considering involvement with nonprofits.
• Discussion facilitated by Nancy Shoemaker.
• Science Center, Cornell Room 104 or Room 105

6:30 p.m. Class of '71 Reunion Dinner
• Lang Performing Arts Center lobby