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This is our class website, so we want you to contribute information and ideas. Send information to submit@swarthmore71.org.

We also use Facebook and email to stay in touch with our class. Neither has very much traffic, so you won't be inundated with messages. The College website has an Alumni Social Media Catalog with a list of current class, affinity, and location-based discussion groups and social media pages for Alumni.

Our class Facebook Group is available to members of the Class of 1971 (and those close to us). Go to that Facebook Group to join.

As of March 1, 2016, the College's Alumni Directory and email Discussion Groups system has changed. For more information, see the Alumni Directory page on the Swarthmore College website.
    The Alumni Office is now using Google Groups for email Alumni Discussion Groups.

JOIN THE NEW CLASS OF 1971 EMAIL GROUP by filling out the Google Groups form at bit.ly/SwatAlumDiscussionGroupRequests or send an email with your request to join our Discussion Group to Caitlin Halloran Edwards, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations, at challor2@swarthmore.edu. (Caitlin also handles requests sent via the Google Groups form.) You can also request to join other Discussion Groups — by location, decades or other affiliations. The Social Media Catalog page mentioned above shows existing Groups.
    When your request is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. This email includes a number of blue links and even a blue button that says "View this group." At this time the button and these links, including the one for opting out of the group, take you to a page that says Authorization Failed" or to a Swarthmore "Log in" page. At this time only the Alumni Office can log in there, so don't bother using those links. So to make changes in your group memberships, send an email directly to Caitlin.
    Once you join our group, to send messages, simply address the email to Class71@swarthmore.edu. Since you are in the Group, you will receive a copy of your message. If you receive a message from the Group and want to replay you have two choices: If you use Reply, your response will go only to the person who sent the group email. If you use Reply All, it will go to the Group.
    Discussion Group community guidelines are availale on the College website at https://www.swarthmore.edu/alumni/discussion-groups.

This website has been created by members of the Swarthmore College Class of 1971.  Swarthmore College is not involved in the content or operation of this website and is not responsible for either.

For information about this website, contact info@swarthmore71.org.