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This page includes examples of music from 1967 to 1971, suggested by classmates:
Do you have music that you want to add here?   Send them to bobabrahams@yahoo.com.

This record – released in 1971, but about events of 1968 – was not in the Top Ten lists. I think they were too "alternative" for those days.

And this song written by by Neil Young and performed by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young was "rush-released" following the events of May, 1970 at Kent State.
Bernard Greene says "Ohio by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, a great anthem" and to "add Ohio/Machine Gun by the Isley Brothers (1971 Giving it Back album) that adds lyrics from Jimi Hendrix' Machine Gun."

Bob Cushman suggested two more great songs from 1967:

A Whiter Shade of Pale, Procol Harum:

For What It's Worth, Buffalo Springfield:

(For extra credit, without looking it up online, where do the names of these groups come from?)

From Monica Carsky:
I usually just listened to albums on my little portable stereo.
What about Jefferson Airplane? I heard them at a club in Phillie freshman or sophomore year and once of their albums came out while we were still there.... and I think I heard the Stones' Sticky Fingers played a lot, not to mention the Beatles White Album. I recall students in Dana steaming off the white paper to see what it covered up....

Thanks, Monica. Here's the Airplane and their White Rabbit:

Lyrics posted by Gail (Foster) Newbold. (See her comments about this on the Stories page.)

Banks of Marble (© Les Rice)

I've traveled 'round this country
From shore to shining shore
It really makes me wonder
The things I heard & saw

I saw the weary farmer
Plowing sod & loam
I heard the austion hammer
Just a-knocking down their home

But the banks are made of marble
With a guard at every door
And the vaults are stuffed with silver
That the farmer (seaman, etc.) sweated for

I saw the seamen standing
Idly by the shore
I heard the bosses saying
"Got no work for you no more"

I've seen the weary miners
Scrubbing doal dust from their backs
And I heard their children crying
"Got no coal to heat the shack"

I've seen my brothers working (bothers & sisters)
Thru out this mighty land (Are at work thoroughout this land)
I pray we'll get together
And together make a stand

Then we'll own those banks of marble
With no guard at any door
And we'll share those vaults of silver
That the workers sweated for

~ New verses (wanna write one?) would tell about Mountaintop Removal coal mining & other climate change-related topics!

On our Class of 1971 Discussion Group, Sheila Naughton reported, "I remember listening to Joni Mitchell at Swarthmore, including her song Big Yellow Taxi. ("They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.") I suppose it could be controversial since Swarthmore is an arboretum, but I think the song is consistent with the spirit of Swarthmore."
Then Tom Bates added, "I remember Joni retuning her guitar endlessly."

So here's Joni Mitchell tuning her guitar and then singing Big Yellow Taxi. (It's from 1970, but not at Swarthmore.)

And here's another that came to mind:

And finally, at least for now, Don Mizell (who knows a thing or two about music) adds Country Joe and the Fish, Jimi Hendrix If 6 Was 9, the Doors Strange Days, Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Janis Joplin Take A Little Piece of My Heart, John Fahey, Jethro Tull, Aretha, Steppenwolf Born to be Wild, and The Troggs (not Tone Loc) Wild Thing.